2D Animation

Michel illustration in Flash

Explainer Video

Animation Test In FLASH

For these, I did n’t made any sketch on paper. I did the drawing and animation completely inside FLASH.


Angry_Sad Dialogue

Fat Guy_Walk Cycle_In Place

Walk-cycle In-Place

Walk-cycle Around

Walk-cycle Around the Scene

‘The Redemption’

Begun in 21st October 2011 and finally finished in November 2012. Better late than never!

The script was born in my brain, when I just started 2D animation class and before starting the class I was only prefer Photoshop to create any work of creativity. Because as an artist. I was thinking that to do a realistic piece of art, what can Photoshop offer other software can’t. When I started working on Flash, gradually I felt that in Flash we can also develop ”Master pieces  of art” and that was inspired me to develop about a SIX minute long short movie named as ‘Redemption’.

And the big change in me which happened at this time, when I was developing the movie in Flash was that, gradually I fall in love with Flash.

There was days when I saw anything that created a feeling in me, I just wanted to draw it in Photoshop and after working  on this movie, my perspective of work was changed.
Now anything I want to draw, I prefer to work in Flash.

‘The Redemption’ a movie made in FLASH.


‘Save a Tree’

I made this classical/hand drawn animation when I started learning animation in September 2009 and completed in May 2010.

For this, me and some of my friends made 125 pages of pencil sketches using Light box for tracing. Most of the sketches made by me.
It was my 1st story and I was so excited to learn animation so I made it for testing my knowledge in animation.


Horse & Girl

A short animation made in Flash.


Made in Flash.


Walk Cycle (Classical)